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struct tevent_req* tevent_req_post ( struct tevent_req *  req,
struct tevent_context *  ev 
) [read]

Finish a request before the caller had the change to set the callback.

An implementation of an async request might find that it can either finish the request without waiting for an external event, or it can't even start the engine. To present the illusion of a callback to the user of the API, the implementation can call this helper function which triggers an immediate timed event. This way the caller can use the same calling conventions, independent of whether the request was actually deferred.

[in] req The finished request.
[in] ev The tevent_context for the timed event.
The given request will be returned.

Definition at line 159 of file tevent_req.c.

Referenced by tdgram_disconnect_send(), tdgram_recvfrom_send(), tdgram_sendto_queue_send(), tdgram_sendto_send(), tevent_wakeup_send(), tstream_disconnect_send(), tstream_readv_pdu_queue_send(), tstream_readv_send(), tstream_writev_queue_send(), and tstream_writev_send().

                          ev, tevent_req_trigger, req);
      return req;

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